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The Emancipation of Robert Sadler-Book Review


The Emancipation of Robert Sadler By Robert Sadler with Marie Chapian
Bethany House Publishers-1975, 2012


Robert sadler
American slavery officially ended at the close of the Civil War. Despite this well-known fact, however the practice continued on for many years in isolated places in the South where Jim Crow law, the Klan, and the oppressive culture protected its secret existence. Robert Sadler was a courageous man who lived through this difficult reality. Unbelievably, he was a plantation slave in the 1900s, well after the Emancipation Proclamation had been issued. After many years of shame and silence about this part of his past, in the latter part of his life he endeavored to have his story written down.
This amazing and inspiring tale chronicles Sadler’s humble beginnings as a tongue-tied youth sold by a family member at the tender age of five, and his triumphant end as a world traveled minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The reader sees the darkness and evil of the institution of slavery through his tender eyes, and the reality of what he and many of our ancestors endured is only made bearable by the knowledge that freedom eventually came.
Kept in ignorance of the outside world and without resources or immediate help, God himself was a slave’s only hope. Once Sadler left the plantation that he practically grew up on, the reader follows him on a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical healing path that eventually leads him to his Creator and the great love and call God himself placed on this humble man’s life.
Though Sadler does become a preacher, he was not like many we have ever known. He was a man of great sacrificial love, unbelievable compassion and insight, and a faith that worked miracles in the lives of ragged and tired individuals from all walks of life. He did not seek fame, power, or glory, but only to reach out to those around him in tenderness and unquenchable faith.
By the book’s end you may find you have fallen in love with this man’s kind and stout heart, and if you’re like this reader, you will want to be just like him. His life is worthy of the telling, and his story is the type that can and will change your mind, your heart, and your life.

Originally reviewed for the Chattanooga News Chronicle by Tabi Upton-2/27/14.


My Life Coaching Session


I have wanted to write books for years. After graduate school I moved to Atlanta to start my professional life. After a harrowing job as a DCS investigator in one of the most dangerous areas of ATL, I was bedraggled and ready to make a drastic change. My brother suggested I head home to find work. My co-workers sent me off with lunch and a pearl white pen that I still have. They knew I wanted to write books, so this was their way of celebrating my dream.

I came back to Chattanooga and found it to have gone through an amazing transformation since my high school days. I settled in,got a job, bought a condo, and began writing a column. Twelve years later, I still have lots of book ideas, but the problem is they haven’t been birthed yet. A friend suggested I have coaching session  with a successful writer to help me get on track.

This Friday I met with well-known author and speaker Jan Silvious. As I sat in her posh, tastefully decorated office listening to her give wisdom in her straightforward yet witty way, I thought, No more stalling, its time to get on with it!  She challenged me to decide what I really wanted in most areas of my life, then to remove the clutter that is preventing me from moving toward the realization of my dreams and goals.

We chatted about everything from my love life to book ideas to whether or not I make my bed in the mornings.

When I grow up, I want to be a lot like her!slide-1Thanks Jan!