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Crazy Animals, Interesting People, and Crunch’nMunch


Part I
You would think a shrink wouldn’t use the word “crazy,” but I’ve got to tell you, counselors use the word quite liberally. We know the truth, we’re all a little bit crazy from time to time. In fact, the world would be quite boring if we weren’t. So, I’ve been thinking about some recent encounters that were just a tad bit off kilter… and humorous to boot.

He looked a lot like this one...

He looked a lot like this one…

The other week I returned from work and just as I was about to pull into my garage, saw a strange puppy sitting calmly in my neighbor’s yard. It was white with a black spot

Part II
When I was walking back to my house,  I saw a woman walking in front of me carrying lots of bags; she seemed disoriented and tired. I asked if I could help. She was looking for a certain house but was lost and had a problem with her leg. She asked to use my phone, appearing exasperated. I allowed her in (yes, as I have already said, I am a bit crazy too) and long story short, ended up driving her to her destination. Of course we got lost along the way, but she was very nice and grateful.

Part III
A few days later I was driving downtown and saw a man in a wheel chair traveling down the middle of the road. Curiosity got the best of me, and I slowed down. “Why are you in the road?” I asked.
“Can I have 8 dollars?” He replied.

“No.” I said.

“Two dollars?” he asked.

“No, but I’ll pray for you.” I asked his name and prayed for him right there in the road, and he seemed at peace with that.

Part IV
THEN, and this is my last one, I came home and saw a moving truck parked behind me house and someone moving furniture into MY garage! I thought I was really losing it. I approached, and an old (former) neighbor ran toward me. “Tabi! I’ve been calling you…”

“Are you sure about that?!” (I looked down at my phone.) “What are you doing?” I asked, shocked.

“I knocked and knocked on your door,” he said this in a breathless way, like he had been chased by a rabid wolf or something and needed me to open up right then. “I just need to store these things until tomorrow. I promise I will pay you.” (famous last words)

“How much?” I asked, feeling suddenly broke.

“Whatever you want,” he lied.

“Will you really get this stuff out by tomorrow?” gullible me.

“I promise, ” he said.
Well, you know what happened. The stuff is still there a week later, and then a month later. I saw him in Bi Lo. He said he was still looking for a place but would understand if I had to move his things.
“Can I get you something?” He asked. I looked at his basket, noticing the Crunch’n Munch.
“Do you want some Crunch ‘n Munch?” He had read my mind! So you know I said yes, and took my box home. The only payment I have received.

I have no moral insights to add to these stories. I can only say they make my life very interesting, and I could not possibly make them up.