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My Life Coaching Session


I have wanted to write books for years. After graduate school I moved to Atlanta to start my professional life. After a harrowing job as a DCS investigator in one of the most dangerous areas of ATL, I was bedraggled and ready to make a drastic change. My brother suggested I head home to find work. My co-workers sent me off with lunch and a pearl white pen that I still have. They knew I wanted to write books, so this was their way of celebrating my dream.

I came back to Chattanooga and found it to have gone through an amazing transformation since my high school days. I settled in,got a job, bought a condo, and began writing a column. Twelve years later, I still have lots of book ideas, but the problem is they haven’t been birthed yet. A friend suggested I have coaching session  with a successful writer to help me get on track.

This Friday I met with well-known author and speaker Jan Silvious. As I sat in her posh, tastefully decorated office listening to her give wisdom in her straightforward yet witty way, I thought, No more stalling, its time to get on with it!  She challenged me to decide what I really wanted in most areas of my life, then to remove the clutter that is preventing me from moving toward the realization of my dreams and goals.

We chatted about everything from my love life to book ideas to whether or not I make my bed in the mornings.

When I grow up, I want to be a lot like her!slide-1Thanks Jan!


Hello world!


Well its Friday, and I want to introduce this blog to you. I had two foot surgeries in 2011 that kept me hopping on one leg for a total of seven months. I learned a lot about the blessing of mobility and learned to travel through my world in new ways. That’s how I came up with the name, Friday’s Feet. I want to take you on a weekly journey with me and my physical and metaphorical feet. I love to write, but I am a reluctant and undisciplined writer. This blog is going to change all of that!!!! Please read me, like me on Facebook (or not:), forward me, and respond to me so that I can stay motivated and full of ideas. Your feedback is valuable. Thank you so much.