I grew up in the lush, rolling hills of East Tennessee. At the age of 17, I traveled to Venezuela on a summer mission trip and was forever transformed. At that time, I realized how vast the world is and the uniqueness of every story in it. I fell in love with travel.

Yours Truly!

Yours Truly!

I attended college on the West Coast, then spent two years in a village in Senegal, West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer. There I learned about perseverance, humility, and community at their most human levels.

My friend Mary and I in Mauritania.

My friend Mary and I in Mauritania.

To this day, I have a great deal of respect for our world, in all its startling beauty and strength. Visit my website for more information. Hello 2013!


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  1. So glad you’re doing this, Tabi! Was just telling somebody over lunch today that you had books in you that should be getting out – volumes of stories within you,Girl.

  2. Hi Tabi, I’m Bouchra, I met you in Senegal in N’douloumadj village. I didn’t forget you. I live in France and I’m talking about you to my daughter ( Shirine 9 years old). did you remind me? I hope to meet you in the future. see you soon.

    • Hi Bouchra, I remember you! Thanks so much for contacting me. Its so nice to have a friend in France. I hope you are doing well.
      You must have a beautiful family.

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