5 Things to Try Before you Check Out on Life-Raw and Real


Ok, so you won’t admit it, but I will. Despite all the wonder that life can present to us, sometimes it just feels hard, and you’d rather stay in bed for days than face it. Or you go through the motions for months. You may settle for pushing through the grind with gritted and worn down teeth for years.

People stop living on purpose when they lose sight of all other alternatives. There are some pretty good ones out there, though and perhaps you can grab hold of one of them when you feel yourself slipping. Here goes:

5) Tell someone exactly how you feel. I hate to cry in front of people, but I am loathe to cry alone as well. Its best to cry in the midst of others who are also crying. This way you’re not on the spot, but your deep feelings are shared. And somehow it helps. Directly inviting someone into the deep, secret places of your heart brings incredible relief to us. Just make sure they are tried and true and trustworthy for you…

4) Change your whole house around. Paint a wall, rearrange furniture, buy a new focal point. Move the TV out of your central area. Buy a fountain and listen to the flow of water. Burn scented candles and play soothing music. This will change the energy in your abode and perhaps provide a respite for you rather than another place that creates stress.

3) Go on a trip, even a weird one, like walking through a pumpkin patch and looking up at the clouds for a few hours. This is like hitting the reset button on your emotional mind. All those cues (the overflowing garbage outside your house, the sound of a screaming–other person, bills piling up on your table, dirt on the floor) that make your stress buttons pop against your forehead, are rearranged or gone for awhile.

2) Quit your job, move away from your city, leave a toxic situation. I know its drastic, but sometimes drastic is the only way. If your life is killing you, try a new life. It may be scary, but it opens up so many possibilities whereas checking out offers…well…none.
1) Ask God to help you in a specific, expectant, and sincere way. Tell him the literal situation, ask for help in every single detail, eg. Giving you a new perspective, feeling it differently, healing the pain, taking away the distress, bringing in more love, helping you understand your life’s purpose, making you deeper, building up your character, helping you allow Him inside in more fulfilling ways, drinking in the Father’s Love, getting answers to troubling questions, figuring out why you’re stuck, and on and on. We usually ask such general repetitive prayers, its a wonder God isn’t bored. Be creative. Sing, shout, dance, whisper, listen, weep. Then stand back and see what happens.


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